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Production, organization and show conduction for European nightclubs.

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Just open your eyes to hear the passion! We invite you to an exclusive club show in Europe.

The unity of the electronic music and live instruments, daring combination of circus stunts, choreography with the elements of erotica and visual effects will make you our spectator and our hero! Your soul will be compelled to dance, live through every sound, looking straight into the eyes of the music. Feel the energy of our souls! Be the first one able to see the music itself! Every movement of our artists enchants one’s sight from the first second. Every stage entrance is not just a dance! It is the whole life rich in suspense, passion, drama, extempore, love and beauty. They fit different roles on and transform any ritual into the farce. They are embodied into the infinite lives, explicit up to the hilt, that are never repeated. The aim of their everlasting experiment is to get to know their own selves so deeply that masks can be dropped down. Nevertheless, the main participant of their experiment is the viewer, which is settled in the comfortable safety of the lounge, looking at the lit stage. To hear the passion you only need to open your eyes. We invite you to pay a visit to the exclusive show on the European clubscene.

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Clubs with our performance

Lohan Nightclub

Athens, Greece

Rakkan Beach Club

Mykonos, Greece

Pink Paradise Nightclub

Paris, France

VIP ROOM Nightclub

Paris, France

Ravintola Teatteri Nightclub

Helsinki, Finland

Papagayo Beach Club

Tenerife, Spain

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